How to use Facebook to collect Leads


We (Yosei Labs) have been running Facebook Marketing for Max Project Interior, an Interior Design firm for some time now.

Recently, they were interested in collecting leads through Facebook.

Using Facebook's get quote

However, there wasn't an option in the interface. After searching for an hour, I realised that this can only be done through the Facebook Ads Manager.

Enabling Get Quote Button

First head over to Facebook Ads Creator. Then scroll all the way down and select the option "Lead Generation".

Next set the usual stuff like your target Audience and Delivery Optimisations.

After you're done with the usual ads data, select the format you want your ad to be displayed with.

Write a compelling title, and useful information regarding your quote. Please don't add BS(bullshit like passionate, creative) because your customers will not remember it.

Why is (passionate, creative) BS? Go browse through Linkedin. What are the top few words that you see?

Think about the last time you saw an ad. What do you remember about that ad?

Adding a form

Time to add a form. Facebook provides a simple form that can be customised till up to 3 fields. On top of the 3 fields you get the usual data like Email, Name and Contact Number.

For Max Project's Case, we collected information about the Flat's Type and the Number of Rooms.

Privacy Policy

Since Max Project doesn't have a Privacy Policy for the data it is collecting, they based their Privacy Policy from Google's.

And you're done!

After setting the privacy policy and adding your website you can proceed to place your order!

The data can be downloaded as a CSV file or you can link the to a CRM to manage. For Max Project, we linked the data to Google Spreadsheets through zapier.

I am excited to see how the ad performs and will share the results vs a normal ad in my future posts.


Overall, the response wasn't very good. I believe this is because the users of Facebook has no intention of looking for interior design services whereas people who Google for a keyword usually has a high intention of using the services or buying a product.

Or maybe i am just doing it wrong.

I've learnt to stick with normal boosting for Facebook Marketing. The cost per like (about a $1 per like) is significantly lower than the other types of marketing schemes Facebook offers.