How to set a date range for Google Adwords

I want to share and document this step because it took me about 30 mins just to get this information of the Google.

Setting a date range for advertising is SUPER IMPORTANT! Most promotions are time based so it doesn't make sense that Google Adwords doesn't give this option by default.

For my case, I am running PPC Adwords advertising for Express Maid, a Maid Agency based in Singapore. They wanted to use Adwords to advertise that they are having a promotion this march holiday.

For the purpose of documentation and helping others, I am going to write this post like a tutorial.

So setting a date range can be broken into 7 steps.

Step 1

Navigate to Adwords. Make sure you are logged into the correct Google Account. If not, just select the correct account and proceed.

Step 2

Click on the campaign which you want to set the date range for. In our case, Campaign 1.

Choosing your campaign

Step 3

Click on the settings tab to go to the settings page.

Navigate to Adwords campaign settings tab

Step 4

Check if the campaign type is standard or all features. Click on edit if the campaign type is standard. Skip step 4 if the campaign type is All features.

Checking if Adwords campaign type is All features or Standard

Step 5

Set the campaign type to All features and save. This will allow your campaign to leverage the full power of Adwords.

Setting Campaign type to All features

Step 6

Scroll all the way down to advanced settings and click on the word option Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling.

Finding Advanced Settings in Adwords Campaign

Step 7 (Done)

Set your Ad date range start and end dates.

So this is my step by step picture tutorial on how to set a date range for Google Adwords. I hope this has helped you in your journey in learning how to be a better marketer!