So what if you have a fast/beautiful website?

Seriously, your website can be beautifully designed, loads really fast and packed with the latest technology.

But is it worth anything if it nobody visits it?

If you're truly serious about your business, invest some money and perform search engine optimisation on it.

SEO in a nutshell

Seo can be broken down into 2 basic methods. On site SEO and Off site SEO.

On Site SEO

On site SEO requires the skills of an experienced developer to put in place the required meta data tags for Google, Facebook and other social media sites to recognise.

A great place to start looking up into SEO is reading up on the the open sourced open graph initiative . The site contains resources to teach you what kind of tags are required for different pages.

Some pages might be blog post, others may be product pages with reviews.

Google takes on site SEO seriously and implements the use of heavily to show Google Rich Snippets.

Google Rich Cards

Off Site SEO

Off Site SEO is the act of obtaining backlinks by having another site link to your site.

To get effective results, you would have to get them to link for the proper keywords that you want to rank for.

For example, I wanted to rank in Google for the word "Jasper" so I linked Jasper to my domain name "".

What is a backlink

The more backlinks from different domains the better!

However not all backlinks holds the same weight. Backlinks from sites with a higher domain authority affects your site significantly more than backlinks with a lower domain authority. A backlink can be thought of as a vote.

A backlink from is worth more than 10 backlinks from my website.

Whats more complicating is that if you want to rank highly in Singapore, the backlinks should be from domains who are popular in Singapore!

All this talk about SEO is serious work. If your brand is interested in getting SEO done in the Singapore Space, you may approach my company, Yosei Labs Pte Ltd, an SEO company that focuses on building backlinks in Asia.